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Pre - Conference

Understand the requirement, research on the same and suggest the appropriate venues and destinations.
Research on the travel requirement and the modes.
Blocking for the accommodation and the conference hall.
International and domestic travel bookings and assistance.
Insurance if require
Trainer sourcing.

On - Site

Reception and transfer on arrival.
Signage: Backdrop, Indication Signs, Placards, Registration / Assistance Counters.
Audio – Visual Requirement.
Local transport co ordination.
24 hrs hospitality desk at the hotel.
Hotel co- ordination.
Manage on site changes & client requirement.
Menu planning.

Post - Conference

Post conference tours.
Sightseeing’s and Professional Guides
Co – ordinate for the departures & transfers.
Winding up.
Final bill conciliation & billing.
Presentation of consolidated bills to the client.
Review program with the client.

We at Altdubai understands that corporate world runs on meetings where decisions with far reaching consequences are made.

A well planned and executed meeting incentives allows participants to focus on the agenda, in an ambience suited to interaction and decision making and help organizations growth for long future and perpetual basis.

Corporate - Events

Any types of Stage Fabrications to light sound and artist management we are one point contact for any type of corporate events or get togethersThe experience we have accumulated over the years prepares us to meet all your expectations in the corporate event management spectrum. Our formidable team is armed with a bevy of ideas that will match any budget.

We ensure smooth working from start to end. Our team will competently resolve everything from slight glitches to complex conundrums. It could be a Sales Team Meet, an Award Ceremony or an HR Initiative, we will do it all.

Conference & Seminar Management

We comprehend all the intricacies involved in your Conferences and Seminars and can effectively deliver the successful exchange of information, whether it’s penetration of a new brand to potential customers, retention of old clients, workshops, annual events or just an informal gathering. We’re geared to successfully handle anything you need.

Product Launches & Brand Activation

We bring your brand to life. We ensure the consumer connects with our clients’ product on a level that matters through promotional activities that will effectively infiltrate market segments.

Brand Activations and Product launches for us is about giving our clients the ideas and the platforms that are needed to showcase their products in order to propel them into the market in an effective manner. We will give you ideas of all time where your products gets out of earth by cracking the floor with lots of smoke.


Abu Dhabi Tour with Temple Visit - A Review

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